USA Superheroes

Addressing the mental health crisis in the first responder and military personnel community while seeking to change the public perception by recognizing them as America’s real superheroes.

"Tragedy always reveals who we indeed are as people and as a nation."


Mission Statement

"Our mission is to honor and support America's REAL Superheroes, our first responders and military personnel.

Inspired by the unity and resilience displayed in the aftermath of 9/11, we are dedicated to addressing the mental health crisis within the first responder community, changing public perception, and ensuring these heroes receive the recognition and care they deserve.

Through inspiration, education, and recreation, we aim to unite as Superheroes to come to the rescue of those who protect our communities and safeguard our God-given freedoms."

USA Superheroes

We are a 501.3(c) entity that addresses the mental health crisis in the first responder and military personnel community, seeking to change the public perception concerning them through inspiration, education, and recreation

USA Superheroes - Captain Dreamer

The wake-up call on 9/11 revealed the true character of our nation and its people. In the face of tragedy, we witnessed the sacrifices made by our first responders and the unity that swept across America.

This pivotal moment showed us the values we all share: God, Family, and Country. It brought us together in a way we hadn't seen in a long time, making us the United States of America, genuinely united.

"Wake up in the USA" was penned on the day following 9/11, ignited by the sacrifices made by our First Responders and the unity that swept across the nation in response to the tragic events of that fateful day. It is a stark reminder that tragedy reveals our true character as individuals and as a nation. Listen here.

In the months following 9/11, our nation's churches filled up as Americans sought guidance and comfort from God like never before. Virtually all of us knew someone who had lost a family member or knew someone who knew someone who did.

This period reinforced our appreciation for the blessings within our families. American flags were proudly displayed on vehicles, flying on flagpoles atop buildings and homes across the country. We reached out to friends and strangers alike, spreading goodwill and expressing love for one another.

For the first time in a long time, we were the United States of America, genuinely united by the values we all hold dear: God, Family, and Country.

Steve Spurgeon - The Dreamer

"Wake Up in the U.S.A".

•  Steve Spurgeon (4 min 40 sec)

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We Need Your Support

Current Fundraising Opportunities
Lauch Captain Dreamer PSA

USA Superheroes and Captain Dreamer will come to life as as Ambassador focused on bringing awareness to the need of our real superheroes, first responders.


Raised: $5,000

Goal: $35,000

USA Superheroes Block Party

Fundraising event to benefit local communities in providing educational materials and information with local first responders on-site to meet-and-greet.   


Raised: $5,000

Goal: $250,000

USA Superheroes Podcast

USA Superheroes will feature conversations on valuable information and resources, real life accounts and challenges that highlight the need for our support and assistance.


Raised: $5,000

Goal: $35,000

USA Superheroes

The "Real"

The real superheroes in America have always been our First Responders and Military personnel. These extraordinary men and women dedicate their lives to protect our communities and our nation, fighting against the evils that threaten us and saving us from unexpected tragedies for real! They are America's REAL Superheroes.

Today, more than ever, they need us as much as we need them. Our nation's First Responders and Military personnel come from all backgrounds, nationalities, and races. They are our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.

They may hold different beliefs about life, but they put those differences aside every day to safeguard the freedoms we cherish in America and to keep our communities safe.

Unfortunately, the defunding of the police movement, the public attack on the honor of what they do, and the inconsistent support from other city, state, and national leadership have exacerbated the mental health crisis plaguing their ranks for many years. As a result, they are leaving the profession in numbers we have never seen before.

Crime across the nation has risen to a level that threatens our ability to exercise the freedoms that allow us to pursue our God-given dreams for our families, communities, and nation without fear.

USA Superheroes

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer.
Even You Can.

Contact us for upcoming events and activities for volunteering opportunities and program information.

If you are interested in becoming a certified coach to help provide assistance, please contact our partner, First Responder Coaching. No matter which field of First Responding you are familiar with, or supporting, we all want to help others, and what other way can be a better way to help, than supporting our own First Responder Family? 

How You Can Help?



Your donation will help offset the costs with valuable programs and activities.



Your time spent with those in need are noticed and greatly appreciated.



Your presence help others realize the importance of their challenges.

USA Superheroes.
We Help Voluntarily.

We are committed to helping those in need. Specialized programs and activities are available to address a variety of needs. Here are a few that are available. If you need assistance, contact us for more information.

Develops and implements mental health awareness training programs to educate first responders and military personnel about the signs and symptoms of mental health issues. This program can include workshops, seminars, and online resources.

Increase awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage early intervention for mental health challenges.

Key Components:
Recognizing signs of stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD; providing coping strategies; connecting individuals to professional help.

Establishes peer support programs where first responders and military personnel can connect with peers who have experienced similar challenges. These networks offer a safe space to share experiences and provide emotional support.

Foster a sense of community, reduce isolation, and allow individuals to seek advice and understanding from those who can relate to their experiences.

Key Components:
Trained peer supporters, regular group meetings, confidential environment.

Provides a dedicated 24/7 crisis helpline staffed by mental health professionals to offer immediate assistance and counseling to first responders and military personnel in crisis.

Ensures access to immediate help during emergencies, reduces the risk of self-harm or suicide, and provides ongoing support.

Key Components:
Toll-free helpline, trained crisis counselors, follow-up services.

Conduct workshops and training sessions focused on developing resilience and stress management skills. These workshops can teach practical techniques to help individuals cope with the unique stressors of their roles.

Enhance emotional resilience, improve coping strategies, and prevent or mitigate the effects of burnout and trauma.

Key Components:
Stress-reduction techniques, mindfulness and meditation practices, communication skills.

Organize recreational and therapeutic activities as outlets for stress relief and healing. This program can include art therapy, outdoor adventures, and relaxation retreats.

Promote holistic well-being, provide a break from the demands of their roles, and encourage self-care.

Key Components:
Guided outdoor excursions, creative arts sessions, relaxation retreats, and access to professional therapists.


Services provided by: First Responder Coaching

USA Superheroes
Partners & Supporters

USA Superheroes Supporter - First Responder Coaching

First Responder

No matter which field of First Responding you are in or supporting, we all want to help others, and what better way to help than supporting our own First Responder Family?

USA Superheroes Supporter - Omaha Community Foundation

Omaha Community Foundation

We build connections between people, ideas, and funding. With a deep understanding of local needs, the nonprofits that are working on solutions, and the philanthropic channels that can help achieve their missions, OCF serves as a catalyst for good.

USA Superheroes Supporter - Woodmen Life

Woodmen Life

We’ve been helping to protect the financial future of families, making a difference in hometowns across America as a not-for-profit life insurance company, we put money back into the community.

USA Superheroes Supporter - Corwin Toyota

Corwin Toyota

Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, Corwin Toyota of Bellevue is a leading, full-service Toyota dealership committed to giving you one of the finest automotive experiences in the state of Nebraska.

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USA Superheroes

We invite you attend and participate in any of our events. You're support goes a long way in bringing attention to the challenges and hurdles our military and first responders battle with each and every day.

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Gator Aid Entertainment & Friends present a celebration of thanks to the men and women of the United States Military and First Responders across the nation.


We'd love to hear from you. So, take a moment and let us know what's one your mind and how we can link up to support some of the bravest individuals in the world.


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